Embroidered earrings and pendants

Embroidered earrings

Embroidered decorations and decorations can have different shapes for use on weekdays and festive occasions. Among embroidered ornaments we can include embroidered jewelery, which you can find in our offer at eshop. Designing, making embroidered jewelry is always an interesting and original work. Based on the idea of creating a jewel it is laborious and time consuming. Embroidered jewelry belongs to something that is especially interesting, charming and is a beautiful addition. We also use jewelery and pendants in modified form as a decoration for making a textile cake from towels and bath towels. Oftentimes, jewelery is such a cherry on a textile cake.

Jewelry color

may be of one or more colors. In both versions, it is possible to produce embroidered earrings and pendants in any color combination. The color of the embroidered jewelery is limited only by offering colored threads.

Material from which jewelery is made

is due to its nature of use and design. In most cases, this is a combination of yarns based on polyester, metallic and sometimes polyamide-metallic. However, it is possible to make custom made viscose earrings. Furthermore, so-called reflective nets are used, which are used in the production of jewelry with a reflective element. Among the most interesting jewelery are earrings and pendants made of or containing a thread called LUNA (polybutylene terephthalate / polypropylene). These threads have the ability to absorb daylight and then shine in darkness or darkness. We use nets from MADEIRA.