Embroidered Easter Egg

Embroidered Easter Egg

Easter holidays are the most important Christian holiday and celebration. Easter is a period of folk traditions associated with a spring welcome. For such a beautiful holiday is the need for original and beautiful decorations and decorations. And that's why we have something for beautiful Easter. One of the decorations and decorations is Easter egg.

Embroidered Easter Egg

We offer varied colors in several variants. We have several kinds of embroidered Easter eggs and sizes. Easter decoration will be made according to your suggestions. Production of embroidered eggs from one piece.

The colors of the embroidered egg

in basic colors blue, red, green, yellow, white, brown. Custom made in other color combinations. In color variations there is almost no limitation. We are limited only by the color gamut of yarns from the manufacturer.

Easter egg composition

is available in two variants. One variant is in distributed form. The egg thus produced must be subsequently sewn, for example, by cotton. Or you can use a different way of stapling. This option is always cheaper. The second option, buy an ovoid already folded - stitched. It depends on your skill and if you want to lay it yourself. The egg, or part of it, is constrained and shaped into the required shape. So that after the stitching of the parts, the whole is as close as the egg. To really sew the Easter egg was really round, beautiful.

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