Embroidered egg with folk pattern

Embroidered egg with folk pattern
Is based on basic folk patterns. There are a few basic shapes that are used and on this basis a few designs have been designed to use for the embroidery of embroidered eggs. The patterns created by us can be combined with each other and in this way create the original look of the egg. We have eggs in several variants of composition and size.

The composition of the egg

May be either seven or six. The individual parts are embroidered so that they can be sewn together with cotton. This is another way of offering embroidered eggs. One of the options is to purchase a embroidered ovate folded. The second option requires your skill because an egg can be purchased in a distributed form. This variant is always a little cheaper and provides a lot of creativity, fun when stapling individual parts.

vyšívané vajíčko s lidovým vzorem

Color variants

We have several eggs. The basic version of the egg is white and the patterns are in the basic colors that are used. The basic colors of the patterns are yellow, blue, red and green. Another option is the so-called chocolate egg with a pattern. The chocolate egg is not, of course, embroidered in the colors of the shades of brown. It is custom made to produce an egg in other colors.

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Embroidered egg with folk pattern can be found in our eshop BLUEmbro.cz - embroidered egg. If you want to have a trimmed embroidered egg that we offer, write the note to the order note or contact us in writing or by phone.